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Global collaboration

Global collaborationsRoyal Free International (RFI) aims to bring together a wide spectrum of specialists from international, inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional backgrounds to forge working relationships. Our goal is to share knowledge from different countries to better understand and develop treatments, and to identify solutions to the various health problems in society, to promote cutting edge research and advance education, training and development.


Our current collaborators include:

Dar Al Fouad (DAF) Kuwait
Dar Al Fouad Kuwait was established in 1998 and it is a world class medical centre which provides a range of specialist out-patient clinics. Royal Free International is working in collaboration with this hospital.

Dar Al Fouad (DAF) Cairo
DAF Egypt has received international recognition and accreditation by the Joint Commission International (JCI). Royal Free International is working with this hospital to develop a medical exchange programme.

Changzhou No2 People's Hospital (CZ)
Royal Free International is working with Changzhou No 2 People's Hospital to provide a medical staff exchange programme and education and development programmes.

Zhejiang Health Bureau
A delegation led by Mr Ma, president of Zhejiang Health Bureau, visited the Royal Free Hospital in April 2013 and as a result the two organisations are planning on working together. A group of doctors and nurses from Zhejiang are due to visit the Royal Free for a three-month exchange programme in 2013. Zhejiang Health Bureau also plans to invite representatives from the Royal Free to pay a return visit to China for an academic exchange programme and to share expertise on hospital management.

Other projects are currently being undertaken to look at the feasibility of hospital development.

Projects have been undertaken with various institutions to look at the feasibility of developing liver services. Medical placements and visits have been undertaken at the Royal Free.

Liver Centre Faisalabad: a project of the Liver Foundation Trust
Royal Free International is developing a collaborative relationship for the development of education and research. For more information, visit

PMWO Life Saving Organisation (Pakistan & Bangladesh)
PMWO is a UK registered international charity (#1139534) dedicated to providing comprehensive free treatment to poor and needy patients with myasthenia gravis, group B streptococcus, chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, polyneuropathy and other neurological disorders around the world.

PMWO is striving for better healthcare for patients with neurological disorders in countries such as Pakistan and Bangladesh. It is a voluntary health organisation which aims to achieve healthcare excellence for the most vulnerable people in developing countries.

For more information, visit

Zubeda Khaliq Memorial Free Hospital (ZKMH)
The Zubeda Khaliq Memorial Free Hospital in Sermik, Skardu, Pakistan, was founded by Professor Sikander Hayat Khan (Tamgha-e-Imtiaz), professor of surgery. The hospital welcomes volunteers for medical, paramedic and nursing services. The hospital provides services free of cost, benefiting patients since it was established in 1980. For more information, visit

International Health Partners -
Royal Free International has worked with International Health Partners on projects in Pakistan. The organisation works to improve access to healthcare and medicines in the developing world.


kuwati - Dar Al Fouad Kuwait – Dar Al Fouad

Egypt – Dar Al Fouad 
Egypt – Dar Al Fouad

China – Changzhou No2 
China – Changzhou No2